Take a look at cookiebot.com

You may be getting many emails about new privacy policies lately.  If you have websites, you likely also received notices about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  GDPR is a new set of privacy regulations for sites used in the EU.  I found it quite difficult to navigate all the details about these new regulations. 

Even though I don't do business in the EU, I was looking for a easy way start coming in line with these new regulations. I believe other countries might go the same way as the EU.  I also wanted folks who used my site to be informed about how it uses cookies and any info we collect. 

A search I did turned up the cookiebot.com site.  They provided a free review and report of my sites GDPR compliance. My report indicated that because I had a "small" website I could use their service for free.

In order to use cookiebot... you setup you account online, there is a small bit of javascript you apply in your site, this provides a way to collect consent and to track compliance to privacy .  If you are looking for some help with conforming to the GDPR, take a look at cookiebot.com.