And so it goes.

And so it goes.  My last day working for Avnet (formerly Ascendant Technology) was Friday September 25th 2015 and the first day working for myself at Innovative Technology, LLC was Monday September 28th.  The week was a combination of business meetings, spending money on the new business and volunteering at Christian Academy and Wellspring Church.  I signed my first contract through Techvine to provide some hours requested by Avnet.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Ascendant and Avnet and all the awesome people I worked with at both of those companies.  That said... I have more consulting hours available - see my contact page if you need help with your technology! 

This week I'm finishing up my website and getting the beta version of my monitoring service up and working.  I want to provide small and medium size business in the area with a way to keep tabs on their website to ensure its available to their members, customers, etc..   I will provide more information and pricing in the near future.